Hilarious second teenager calls for to be Mexican – as a result of he loves quesadillas

A HILARIOUS video exhibits a younger boy demanding that he turns into Mexican – as a result of he loves quesadillas.

Belaynesh Gebre was on a automobile experience when her son Zayvion had a sudden change of coronary heart about his nationality.

The four-year-old’s mother and father are of African origin however little Zayvion appears to have fancied a change – believing that Mexico is his true calling, given his fondness for the nation’s delicacies.

Video exhibits Zayvion sitting in his automobile seat at the back of his mum’s automobile as she movies him in the course of a tantrum.

The boy instructed his mum he needs to be Mexican as a result of he loves quesadillas.

Belaynesh tells him: “Zayvion, you’re Ethiopian, you’re African, you’re black. Okay?”

Sad with this truth, the teenager replies: “I wanna be Mexican.”

Seemingly confused, his mum asks: “Why do you wish to be Mexican?”

To her shock, he responds with: “As a result of I eat quesadillas.”

Belaynesh, totally baffled by her son’s hilarious reasoning, asks: “Since you eat quesadillas?”

With no second’s hesitation, the boy confidently replies: “Yeah.”

His mom, half amused and half shocked by the kid’s meltdown, once more questions Zayvion, asking: “So that you wish to be Mexican, you don’t wish to be from Africa anymore?”

Amid Zayvion’s refusal to just accept this truth, Belaynesh continues to elucidate: “You’ll be able to’t be Mexican simply since you eat quesadillas.”

At that time, Zayvion’s brother, who’s sitting subsequent to him within the again seats, chips in and claims it’s all as a result of he needs to be like their half-Mexican good friend.

Belaynesh then makes an attempt to elucidate to the displeased four-year-old that he can’t be Mexican as a result of he was born to Ethiopian mother and father.

Pissed off by his mum’s clarification, Zayvion says: “However I wanna be Mexican too.”

Belaynesh as soon as once more says: “How are you gonna be Mexican if none of your mother and father are Mexican?”

The teenager then lastly loses his mood, screaming a last demand that he needs to be Mexican, earlier than angrily watching his mum, who tells him to settle down.

The clip was shared to social media the place it gained over a million likes and a whole lot of feedback from customers left in stitches by Zayvion’s weird demand.

One consumer stated: “You Mexican little man at coronary heart; we settle for you and welcome you with open arms with some quesadillas.”

One other added: “Properly shoot I’m Mexican with him then. I, too, love quesadillas.”

A 3rd wrote: “He does have the Mexican mood.”

One other commented: “Youngsters say the darndest issues. My son instructed my husband he needs a step dad; my husband is my oldest two youngsters’ step dad – he stated he needs two dads like them.”

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