Hilarious video exhibits “most aggressive struggle in Britain” after lady tells TikToker to close up in tube station – earlier than promptly being advised off and apologising

A HILARIOUS video exhibits essentially the most British argument doable after a girl advised a TikToker to close up within the London Underground – earlier than being promptly advised off and apologising.

Joshua Morris was recording a video within the quiet Swiss Cottage tube station, London yesterday, explaining plans that Transport for London (TfL) have in place for the road.

The 31-year-old was mid-explanation when he was interrupted by a girl apparently sick of listening to him communicate, who he instantly politely confronted and requested to apologise.

The video begins with Joshua sitting in entrance of a tube map on the platform, talking on to the digital camera, as he explains: “So in 2024 TfL is giving us cell and web throughout the complete underground.”

The TikToker is then interrupted by a girl who’s heard within the distance shouting: “Shut up!”

The astonished techy then takes a second to stare again confused on the lady earlier than politely saying: “Who? Did you inform me to close up?”

Joshua then reaches to the ground to gathre his belongings earlier than briskly strolling down the platform, as he says to the digital camera: “Let’s go down there we could?”

The then walks down the platform in silence for just a few moments, indicating the gap between the pair and confronts the lady, who’s off-camera.

He says: “Did you inform me to close up?”

The girl then says: “You had been actually loud.”

Joshua replies: “Sorry? Louder than you screaming ‘Shut up’ throughout a platform?”

The girl responds saying: “Effectively how will you speak so loudly throughout the platform?”

He retaliates asking: “Did you hear a phrase that I mentioned?”

The girl doesn’t reply and after a brief interval of silence Joshua says: “I don’t actually assume that was truthful, I don’t assume that was truthful actually.”

She says: “You shouldn’t speak so loudly.”

He politely factors out: “You screamed ‘Shut up’ throughout the platform my expensive.”

She replies: “Sure I do know.”

Joshua says: “That was utterly unacceptable – it was wasn’t it?”

The girl confesses: “I agree it was uncommon.”

Joshua says: “I don’t assume that was truthful on me.”

The girl then says: “Effectively, in the event you speak extra quietly in future you might-“

“So that you assume you’re nonetheless in the best?”, interrupts Joshua “You’re not going to ask for forgiveness?

The unseen lady curtly replies: “No.”

Joshua causes: “You’re not going to ask for forgiveness? For screaming ‘shut up’ and accusing me of being loud? Shut up is impolite anyway and never acceptable.

“I feel you must apologise, I feel you’d be happier in the event you apologised.”

The girl hesitantly says: “I’ll – I’ll say that I’m sorry.”

As a result of noise of a prepare dashing previous, Joshua mishears, and asks her to repeat herself, to which she says once more: “I’ll say that I’m sorry.”

Joshua, seemingly happy, replies: “Honest sufficient my expensive, have a stunning day, thanks.”

Joshua then goes again to the map additional down the platform and addresses the digital camera saying: “Now, I don’t know if I dealt with that accurately however I got here right here when it was as quiet as doable purposefully in order that you can hear me.

“I wasn’t really talking that loud. This can be a prepare station, it’s actually loud on the Jubilee line, it’s actually loud right here so I’ve to attend for the noise to go to do that bit anyway.

“I hope I did that nicely and I’m glad that she apologised.”

The clip was uploaded to TikTok yesterday the place it has acquired over 40,000 likes and greater than 1,500 feedback from customers left in stitches over Joshua’s well mannered confrontation.

One consumer joked: “Most aggressive struggle in Britain.”

One other wrote: “He stood as much as her, was well mannered and didn’t trigger a scene, 10/10.”

A 3rd mentioned: “‘I feel you’d be happier in the event you apologised’. You dealt with this so nicely.”

One other commented: “English instructor stage telling off.”

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