In a pinch: Hilarious picture reveals crab seemingly having “time of its life” in seagull’s beak after being snapped up for lunch

AN AMATEUR Scots snapper has captured a hilarious picture of a crab seemingly having the “time of its life” in a seagull’s beak after it was snapped up for lunch.

Kev Bryant captured the image after noticing the seagull attempting to find meals over the Shetland Islands on Sunday.

The 64-year-old had been watching the seagull because it searched within the surf for a meal earlier than ducking down and grabbing the crab, taking off with the helpless crustacean in tow.

The seagull swooped off with the crab into the sky. Credit score: Kev Bryant

Administrative assistant Kev grabbed his digital camera because the seagull was compelled into the sky by different birds attempting to steal its dinner, with the crab unaware of the destiny awaiting it on the finish of the enjoyment trip.

Kev used his Sony A1 digital camera to seize the seabird in full flight with wings prolonged into the blue sky behind.

The beak of the seagull carries the big crab with its pincers raised, just like the actions made by curler coaster riders, in an obvious cry of pleasure on the thrilling trip it believes it is occurring.

The physique of the crab is sat precariously on the seagull’s beak and any mistake would see the crab plummeting down in direction of the water.

Kev shared his picture on-line final week, joking: “We watched this gull pluck a drowning crab out of the ocean and fly it to security.

“A commendable act of ardour from a a lot maligned chicken.”

His submit obtained a whole bunch of likes and dozens of feedback from fellow pictures fans who have been fast to share the joke.

One quipped: “Little man is having the time of his life.”

One other joked: “Such caring souls.”

A 3rd replied: “Give that chicken a medal.”

Talking in the present day, Kev mentioned: “I used to be watching it [the seagull] within the surf because it saved placing its head underwater to test for prey.

“It then ducked down and grabbed the crab and flew again to shore.

“An amazing black backed gull then tried to rob the crab and so the seagull flew off with it, that’s after I took the picture.

“It reveals folks that seagulls don’t simply hold round chip outlets and that they’re succesful predators in their very own proper.”

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