“It’s Willy Wonka’s elevate”: Man claims to have noticed hovering UFO

A MAN claims to have noticed a “rhombus-shaped” UFO hovering overhead close to his house – however others aren’t so satisfied.

ET-spotter Krystiano sighted the weird form excessive within the sky above his London house on Monday, drifting solemnly via the clouds.

The 33-year-old rapidly whipped out his cellphone to seize snaps and a video of the obvious UFO, which he claims was formed like a rhombus and exuded “lots of power“.

Footage of the unidentified object reveals it suspended excessive within the night sky above London, shifting slowly beneath the clouds.

Some Fb customers believed that it was UFO, nevertheless most thought it was extra doubtless a balloon or drone

The article – which is indiscernible from the gap Krystiano is filming from – seems black or gray in color, and strikes in a linear vogue, by no means altering course or pace.

It calmly soars via the sky as Krystiano zooms in and follows it briefly, earlier than the video ends because it seems to start fading into the clouds.

Additional photographs of the article present it nearer up, which reveal it to certainly resemble a rhombus-like form, while it appears virtually shiny and reflective in color.

Krystiano shared the video and snaps to social media on Monday (11 SEP) with the caption: “Rhombus-shaped, rotates round its personal axis. I noticed lots of power on this ship.”

His footage has since racked up over 130 likes and greater than 70 feedback from customers who appear much less satisfied

One consumer mentioned: “I can see some poor child crying over that pic, so a balloon. Good effort although.”

One other added: “It appears like a UFO, it’s a flying drone individuals are making [to] appear like a UFO, new craze”

A 3rd replied: “100% clearly a balloon right here. Very apparent.”

One other joked: “It’s Willy Wonka’s elevate.”

A fifth commented: “I don’t wish to be the balloon man but it surely appears very very like a balloon.”

Nonetheless, one consumer who believes in alien life claimed: “Jokes apart about this being a balloon, myself and my son witnessed a conical/rhombus-shaped object within the sky in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2018.”

Talking as we speak (WED), Krystiano claimed he has all the time had a “connection” to UFOs since he was a baby, and claims to see them regularly.

Describing UFO-spotting as a “pleasure and a passion” he mentioned: “[I have spotted UFOs] each couple of weeks for about three years now. They usually go unnoticed.

“Every time I see a UFO, it makes me comfortable. They’ve a really optimistic power.

“I’ve a powerful feeling that one thing is coming quickly.”

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