Stunning video exhibits drunk man’s weird “threatening” rant in opposition to stranger at a pub

A SHOCKING video exhibits a drunk man’s weird “threatening” rant in opposition to a stranger having a pint at a pub.

Matt West is a member of the LGBTQ+ neighborhood and was having fun with a drink in York Station final month when he was approached by a seemingly intoxicated Scotsman.

The 31-year-old was then topic to a weird tirade from the stranger, who appeared to threaten Matt on account of his sexuality, earlier than asserting that he’s “so straight“.

Video begins with an automatic voice studying “A drunk man observed my rainbow watch strap” as graphic designer Matt factors the digicam down on the desk he’s sitting at.

Matt, from Brighton, East Sussex, seems to be mid-conversation with the person, whose silhouette could be seen within the reflection of the desk, as he asks: “You don’t just like the gays? Give them a little bit of a success?”

The person merely replies: “Effectively, I like girls, how’s that?”

Matt asks: “You want girls? Okay.”

Matt then flips the digicam round to level at himself as he takes a sip of his pint of beer, which the person seems to note, slurring: “You may report that and have a look at me on YouTube or no matter.”

Matt then shakes his head and politely says: “You do you, I don’t thoughts,” as he smiles again on the drunk stranger.

The person then threateningly murmurs: “You watch your self, proper? Watch your self.”

Now in a stare-off with the stranger, Matt asks: “Watch myself? What does that imply?”

The person then replies : “Any person may do this to you,” earlier than apparently making a punching gesture in the direction of Matt.

Matt then asks why somebody would do this to which the person merely admits: “They may not.”

The Scotsman then breaks right into a weird self-affirming rant, claiming: “I’m so straight, okay? So straight.”

Matt replies: “You’re very straight.”

The person says: “Oh, aye.”

Trying to close down the dialog, Matt merely replies: “Good for you.”

The person continues to ramble: “All my mates are.”

Matt then replies: “Why do you need to inform me? Why do you need to say it?”

The person then breaks right into a barely understandable try at an evidence, to which a confused Matt merely nods alongside to, earlier than the person appears to depart, glad with their alternate.

Matt uploaded the video to social media final month with the caption: “I’m simply attempting to have a pint.”

The clip has since acquired over 6.200 likes and greater than 400 feedback from customers left baffled by the person’s strategy.

One consumer wrote: “Really sounds to me like somebody is somewhat insecure about their very own sexuality. By no means ever let individuals like that take your satisfaction away.”

One other commented: “This should’ve been so hectic I’m so sorry.”

A 3rd stated: “‘I’m so straight, so straight’ – not the phrases of a straight.”

One other replied: “You dealt with this so nicely.”

Matt West
Matt West.

Talking in the present day Matt stated: “I used to be having fun with a pint on the York Faucet in York station, watching the trains go by whereas listening to a podcast.

“All of the sudden, a noticeably drunk man stumbled over to my desk and commenced attempting to strike up a dialog with me, even if I had my headphones on.

“Nonetheless, I’m typically open to chatting with strangers, so I made a decision to interact with him.

“Our dialog began with him asking why I used to be in York, and I defined that I might be transferring there quickly.

“He talked about that he was in York to go to his girlfriend. Then, he shifted the subject to soccer, a topic I wasn’t notably taken with.

“The person, with a thick Glasgow accent, talked about that he was a Rangers fan, and in a light-hearted method, I jokingly requested, ‘Not Celtic, then?’

“His rapid response was, ‘No! I’m a traditionalist, a unionist.’ He went on to inquire, ‘Have you learnt why? It’s as a result of I’m Protestant.’

“After telling me he was from Glasgow he requested me the place I used to be from, and I responded with ‘Brighton.’

“In response, he made a remark concerning the individuals in Brighton, accompanied by a gesture of a limp wrist that implied a stereotype.

“It was at this level he observed my rainbow-coloured watch strap and began making threats which is the place the video begins.

“He started by making a remark suggesting hurt in the direction of homosexual individuals and emphasised his attraction to girls.

“I inquired about what he meant by ‘watch myself’, and he gestured as if implying bodily hurt.

“Perplexed, I requested why somebody would need to hurt me, and he struggled to provide you with a transparent response.

“He talked about having had a complicated second the earlier week or evening and began to ramble, although I couldn’t fairly comprehend his clarification. That is the place the video footage involves an finish.

“After the video he rambles about liking Pink Floyd, it was arduous to interact at this level.

“Possibly a minute after the video he finishes his drink and says he has to get his prepare. He thanks me for the dialog and leaves.

“I initially began filming as a precaution in case the scenario escalated; my unique intention wasn’t to share the video.

“Nonetheless, after sharing it with a number of buddies who commented on how I dealt with the scenario, I thought of the concept of importing it. The aim behind this was to make clear the continuing problem.

“Earlier than this incident, my typical response might need been defensive or aggressive, maybe even selecting to stroll away.

“Nonetheless, I’ve realized that remaining calm and fascinating in a composed dialog with the individual can typically be more practical. In doing so, it’s doable to assist them realise the failings of their argument.

“Within the case of this particular person, as soon as I gently deconstructed his argument, he appeared uncertain of methods to reply.”