Wild ewes chase: Hilarious footage reveals flock of sheep chasing white canine – after mistaking it for lamb

HILARIOUS footage reveals a flock of sheep desperately chasing after a passing canine – after apparently mistaking it for a lamb.

Lexi Wolfe had been out hillwalking in Brockhill Park, Kent on Saturday when she heard a drone of distressed sound coming from a flock of sheep in a close-by area.

Lexi from Sheffield, Yorkshire was left in stitches after realising that the sheep have been chasing after a small white canine, apparently beneath the idea that it was a lamb that had been led astray.

Hilarious footage filmed by actress Lexi reveals the massive flock resting beneath the shade of a towering tree on a sunny day, as on-screen textual content reads: “When sheep assume they’ve misplaced a lamb however they’ve not.”

Lexi says: “So, what’s occurring right here is all these sheep have come out from beneath this tree – as a result of it’s a boiling sizzling day – as a result of off within the distance is that this tiny canine that appears like a lamb.”

The digital camera reveals a gradual line of sheep parading out of the shade of the tree and ambling in the direction of the small canine – seen as a white speck within the distance.

The sheep may be heard baa-ing as they method the tiny white pooch, who’s out on a stroll with its unsuspecting proprietor.

The sheep proceed to bleat louder as they anxiously name the canine again to the flock, believing it to be one in every of their very own.

Lexi continues: “So all of those sheep are satisfied that any individual’s walked off with a lamb.”

The digital camera zooms in nearer once more as Lexi asks viewers: “Do you see that? They reckon that’s a lamb and so they’re actually bah-ing after it.”

The sheep seem to get nearer to the canine as Lexi laughs: “They have been lifeless silent a minute in the past and now they’re pure like ‘Come again!’”

She chuckles tougher as she imitates the sheep: “‘Come again this manner.’”

She says once more to her followers: “Oh my God, they’re all transferring – look.

The digital camera then shakes as she bursts into matches of laughter.

The sheep seem to hurry up of their pursuit because the canine and its proprietor rapidly method the sphere’s gate, because the horror appears to set in that their fellow ‘flock member’ may escape the sphere.

Lexi, in stitches by now, provides: “I don’t assume even the girl with the canine has realised. Oh, they’re all simply going after it – oh, ‘Come again!’”

She then laughs once more and zooms in on the sheep practically reaching the gate – though too late of their pursuit of the wooly lookalike.

Lexi finishes: “Oh, my giddy aunt Sally, that’s hilarious. They only assume it’s a misplaced sheep, that’s loopy.”

Lexi took to social media on Saturday to share the hilarious footage, the place it acquired 76,100 likes and 481 feedback from customers left creasing on the cattle’ rescue efforts.

Pictured: The flock of sheep chasing the canine. (C) Lexi Wolfe

One involved commenter wrote: “No! And they’re all fearful.”

One other joked: “The 1st step, get a small white fluffy canine. Step two, steal a whole herd of sheep.”

A 3rd commented: “They assume they only witnessed a kidnapping.”

A fourth added: “No lamb left behind.”

Talking to Lexi as we speak she stated: “So we have been in Brockhill Park in Kent. The sheep had all been stationary beneath the massive tree you see within the video a few minute beforehand.

“Forward of us is that this tiny white fluffy toy poodle or terrier – unsure. They’ve walked on forward, we go off to the next path.

“A minute later I heard all these sheep baa-ing loudly, whereas they’d been minding their woolly enterprise beforehand, and some had damaged off, wanting involved in the direction of this tiny white fluffy canine, and I realised what will need to have occurred.

“We handed by the sheep on increased floor about three minutes later and whereas they’d all moved, that they had all discovered a brand new patch of grass to distract themselves.

“So, I’m hoping no ewes [who’ve] misplaced a lamb earlier within the spring and thought it was theirs.”

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